AquaFlow Oasis

Safe Sips Only
Crafted with the well-being of your pet in mind, AquaFlow Oasis is made from environmentally friendly food-grade plastic with a strict no-BPA policy. Non-rusting springs ensure the longevity of the bowl, providing a safe and hygienic water source for your feline companion.

Always Fresh, Never Stale
Say goodbye to stagnant water! The floating base of AquaFlow Oasis cleverly avoids contact with the ground, preventing the growth of unsightly stains and keeping the water quality consistently clean and refreshing for your cat.

Uninterrupted Hydration with Natural Gravity
Let your pet enjoy a continuous supply of water with our natural gravity supply system. No power needed – it's eco-friendly and perfect for pet parents with busy lifestyles. With a generous 2.8L capacity, AquaFlow Oasis ensures your cat stays hydrated throughout the day.

Effortless Cleaning Routine
Cleaning up is a breeze! The ball and chassis can be easily separated and rinsed directly with water. We recommend a quick clean-up once a week to maintain optimal freshness and hygiene for your pet's water source.

Floating Base Magic
Designed to both protect and maintain water cleanliness, the floating base of AquaFlow Oasis is a touch of brilliance. It not only safeguards the bowl but also helps in preserving the water's purity, ensuring your cat gets nothing but the best with every sip.

Bring the AquaFlow Oasis into your home and give your cat the gift of constant, clean hydration – because every sip should be as refreshing as the last!